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Equal Opportunity & Diversity Manager:
Sandra Charles X4574

Employee Assistance Program Counselor:
Kathy Burke X3591
Employee Resource Systems, Inc. 1-800-292-2780

Telephone 630-840-3381
Section Office WH15SW

Educational Programs Administered by the Equal Opportunity Office


Science and Engineering Program is a highly competitive six-week paid summer internship opportunity for high school sophomores and juniors who have strong interest and demonstrated aptitude for mathematics and the sciences, physics, in particular. The program's goals are to encourage high school students to undertake college study and pursue careers grounded in physics, mathematics, engineering, and technology. Additionally, TARGET aims to grow representation of underrepresented groups (Black, Hispanic, Native American and women) in the sciences and engineering at the college level and consequently the workforce. Lastly, the program affords high school students the opportunity to interface with and learn from a cross-section of professionals with varied areas of specialization including, administration, computing, and communications, in addition to engineering, science, and technology. Students gain first-hand exposure to the world of work and also have low student - teacher ratio classroom experiences.

SIST (undergraduate)

Summer Internships in Science and Technology (SIST) is a science and technology program for undergraduate college students currently enrolled in four-year colleges and universities in the United States. Students majoring in Physics, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science participate in a twelve-week program comprised of a work assignment, an academic lecture series, and a final report presented orally to Fermilab staff and in writing to the Laboratory.

GEM (graduate)

Fermilab is a member of The National GEM Consortium. The consortium's primary focus is to administer and award fellowships with paid internships to highly qualified historically under-represented students who wish to pursue graduate studies in engineering or science. GEM fellowships provide the ideal opportunity for tomorrow's science and technical leaders to gain experience- up close and personal- at partner companies and institutions while working as summer interns.

Ph.D. Fellowship for Minority Students

This program provides a stipend for minority students matriculating in a Ph.D. program in physics at one of the URA Universities. Students should apply directly to the Equal Opportunity Office by contacting Sandra Charles (scharles@fnal.gov) or Dianne Engram (engram@fnal.gov). A complete application packet includes a completed application, personal statement, resume, two letters of recommendation, and a letter of admission to a Ph.D. program. Only one summer at Fermilab is required. Click here for the application.

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