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Fermilab Employee Performance Appraisal Process

Fermilab's annual performance appraisal process is now underway. Use the navigation at the left to find the forms, instructions and advice that can help you get the most out of this process.

To do in June, July and August

Employees: complete accomplishment reports and send to supervisors by July 15th. Meet with supervisor to discuss report and begin discussions for next year's goals.

Managers: review accomplishment reports. Meet with employees to discuss past year and goal ideas for next review year. Complete review forms by July/August. Discuss overall ratings with 2nd-level reviewer.

News & Updates

  • 06.16.14
  • Performance Review Forms
  • Forms have remained the same for 2014. Please contact your HR Partner or Juanita Frazier with any questions.
Juanita Frazier
Juanita Frazier

Review of the performance appraisal process

Juanita Frazier, Employee Relations Manager, wrote this column.

Performance appraisal time is here again.

This process often tops the list of what employees like least about work. By definition, the performance appraisal process involves the evaluation of the quality of your work by others. This part of the process causes uneasiness for employees and supervisors alike because no one likes to be judged or sit in judgment of others. The laboratory’s performance appraisal process is designed to decrease this natural tension by giving employees a voice. It encourages continuous discussion between employees and supervisors throughout the appraisal cycle beginning with goal development and ending with accomplishment reports.

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