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  • Welcome to Fermilab

    Welcome to Fermilab

    Sharing energy, research, engineering, imagination, and resources, Fermilab people design, build, and operate one of the world's most intricate and powerful particle accelerators and detectors. Find out more about how people here share a sense of purpose and belonging to a community that is working to make discovery happen.

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  • Agenda

    Orientation Agenda

    View the agenda for your first day at Fermilab. New hire orientation is usually held in Wilson Hall One North conference room (atrium level).

  • Department Orientation Checklist

    Your Supervisor will review the items on the department checklist (or a similar department-specific checklist) with you during your first 30-days of employment to cover topics such as Where is Everything I Need?, Training Resources, Department Standards, Administrative Issues, and Career Goals.

  • Benefits

    Benefits Information

    Benefits Summary, Cost Sheet, Medical Plan Comparison, Provider Directories, Women's Health and Cancer Rights Act Notice. Read more.

Fermilab New Employee Orientation

Welcome to Fermilab. Use the "New Hire Orientation" navigation to the left to find forms, instructions and advice to assist you in joining the Fermilab team.

Pier Oddone
Nigel Lockyer

Welcome from Fermilab Director, Nigel Lockyer

I am pleased to welcome you to Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (Fermilab), where we conduct scientific research in particle physics that advances our understanding of matter and energy. All Fermilab employees help to support the lab's mission to make extraordinary scientific discoveries possible. This laboratory has tremendous talent and your choice to join Fermilab has made you a member of a world-class organization. I am delighted to have you as part of our team and I wish you every success in your new venture.

Please view our new hire video:

We Are Fermilab: Diverse People, Diverse Jobs