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Employment Manager
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Document: WDRS Employment: New Employee Orientation Policy Checklist

Number: EM-001

Issue date:  03/01/2010

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This document is uncontrolled when printed. The current version is maintained on the WDRS website.

New Employee Orientation

Policy Checklist

We welcome you to Fermilab. In preparation for your New Employee Orientation, please familiarize yourself with our policies, procedures, and rules of conduct for the Lab before arriving for orientation. Below you will find a checklist for the policies. In addition to these policies, please familiarize yourself with the Summary of Benefits.  After reading the policies, you will acknowledge that you have read each of the policies by checking off each box and verifying it by signing and dating the bottom. Please print and bring this form with you to orientation.


I, __________________________, acknowledge I have read each of Fermilab policies, procedures, and rules of conduct for the Lab and understand the contents of them.

Fermilab Policy on Computing
Personnel Policies and Procedures
Drug-Free Workplace Statement
Anti-Harassment Policy 
Notice of Privacy Practices
Quality Assurance Statement
Traffic Safety
Policy Statement on Employment Opportunity for Individuals with Disabilities, Special Disabled Veterans, and Vietnam Era Veterans


______________________________            __________________________
Signature                                                          Date


For additional assistance prior to your start date, please feel free to contact Jason Johnson at
630-840-5810 or jasonj@fnal.gov

Congratulations!  We look forward to you joining the Laboratory!