• U.S. Department of Energy
  • Fermilab


Section Head:
Kay Van Vreede x3396

Deputy Head
Barbara Brooks x5021

Administrative Support Assistant:
Christine Johnson x3381

Facsimile 630-840-6654
Section Office WH15SW

Senior Safety Officer:
Dave Esterquest x4604

HR Partner

Jeff Artel, jartel@fnal.gov, x3325

Computing Sector: CCD/SCD/Office of CIO
BSS | ESH&Q | FESS | Finance

Monday, Wednesday, Friday, CD Feynman Computing Center, MS 370
Tuesday and Thursday, Sections Wilson Hall 4SE

Heather Sidman, hsidman@fnal.gov, x3326

Accelerator Sector: AD/APC/TD
DIR: 2nd floor | WDRS

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, AD Cross Gallery (XGC-126), MS 306
Tuesday and Friday, TD Industrial Center Building 3rd floor (west)

Deanne Randich, dslapa@fnal.gov, x4669

Particle Physics Sector: PPD/CMS/FCPA
LBNE | DIR: VMS and Office of Communications

Monday, Wednesday, Friday, WH 8W cross over, MS 208
Tuesday and Thursday, SiDet Lab A, MS 310