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Barbara Brooks x5021

Training and Development Coordinator
Tuition Administrator:

Karen Karlix x4365

University of Chicago Tuition Remission Program

Dependent children of regular, full-time employees of Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory are eligible for the tuition remission program at the University of Chicago.

Description of Benefit for Undergraduate Studies

If your child is accepted and enrolls as an undergraduate student at the University of Chicago, this benefit allows you (or your child) to pay half of the undergraduate tuition.  For purposes of this benefit, the term “children” includes unmarried natural or adopted children, stepchildren, or children for whom you are the legal guardian. You must claim the child as a dependent for federal income tax purposes.

This benefit only covers 50% of the stated tuition charge at the University.  It does not cover separately stated fees such as application fees, room and board charges, laboratory and other special fees charged for particular courses or programs, whether required or not, or any other incidental fees.  Each eligible child may receive a total of 50% tuition reimbursement.

In no case will the tuition benefit provided through the program, combined with any other tuition aid and assistance provided, allow an employee to recover more than 100% of the stated tuition.

The maximum period of this benefit is 12 quarters.  If your child withdraws from the University during a quarter for which tuition has been paid, that quarter will be counted toward the 12-quarter maximum, unless the tuition paid by you is refunded in full.  This benefit will terminate as of the earliest date on which the following occurs:

  1. Your child receives a bachelor’s degree
  2. You are no longer employed by Fermilab
  3. The 12-quarter maximum is reached
  4. Your child marries
  5. Your child is no longer treated as your dependent
  6. The University of Chicago terminates this benefit.

To enroll in the program, complete the Tuition Remission form and the affidavit. Submit both forms to MS 124.

If you have any questions, contact the Office of Professional Development.