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How to Have a Successful Career in Industry

On July 24, 2013, the UEC and Fermilab Student and PostDoc Association (FSPA) presented "How to Have a Successful Career in Industry". Guest speakers, including two former PhD student Fermilab experiment members, drew from their personal experience transitioning from research to industry to provide some practical understanding of this move. Topics included an overview of the industries that might hire physicists, tips on preparing your resume and application material to highlight your transferable skills, how to prepare for interviews, and what it takes not just to land the job but to succeed at the career. Please access the presentation at http://vmsstreamer1.fnal.gov/Lectures/UEC/130724UEC/index.htm.

Presentation of Dr. John Mansour, Vice President, Advanced Solutions Group, The Neilson Company

Presentation of Dr. David Clark, Research Analyst, Tradelink Holdings LLC