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Safety and Environmental Training for Users

At Fermilab, safety is important. It is the policy of this laboratory to protect the environment and all persons, be they employees or visitors, from accident or injury while they are on site. Nothing shall have a higher priority… (Fermilab ES&H Manual, 1000).

Fermilab requires that all users take take the training that is relevant to their activities and role at Fermilab. Training includes:

  • New Employee/User Orientation Training, which is required of all employees and users at Fermilab. This training must be completed before the Users Office will issue a badge.
  • Site-specific training, based on an Individual Training Needs Assessment (ITNA). An ITNA is a series of questions concerning the work that you will be performing at Fermilab, which will in turn identify any other training you will be required to complete after badge issuance.

To complete your mandatory New Employee/User Orientation Training (required to receive the Visitor ID Badge), you must:

  1. Watch the online Introduction to Fermilab New Employee/User Training presentation;
  2. At the end of viewing the presentations click on TEST to request access to the On-line test. Once you input your Fermilab ID Number click the "Go to Online Test" button. Then click the "Request Test" button to request an access code to complete an online test for the course. You will receive an email with a URL. The URL will give you access to the online test. Please note that the test must be completed within 48 hours of your request. You must pass the test within 3 attempts. The Users Office will confirm that you have passed the test before issuing you your Badge.

For further information about Safety at Fermilab, please see the ES&H Policy for Access Control at Fermilab.

First Time Application for a Fermilab ID Badge.

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