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I-94 Arrival/Departure Document

The I-94 is the Arrival / Departure Record, in either paper or electronic format, issued by a Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Officer to foreign visitors entering the United States. Since April 30, 2013, most Arrival/Departure records have been created electronically upon arrival. Instead of a paper form, the visitor will be provided with an annotated stamp in the foreign passport. If provided a paper form, the admitting CBP Officer generally attaches the I-94 to the visitor's passport and stamps the departure date on the form.

In both circumstances, the visitor must exit the U.S. on or before the date stamped on the form or in the passport.

If a visitor departs by a commercial air or sea carrier (airlines or cruise ships), their departure from the U.S. can be independently verified and it is not necessary to take any further action, although holding on to the outbound (from the U.S.) boarding pass - if they still have it - can help facilitate reentry when coming back to the United States.

If a visitor departs by land and has a paper form I-94, the I-94 must be turned in to a CBP Officer at a land border when exiting the U.S. If it is not turned in to a CBP Officer at the land border, the visitor will be considered an "overstay" and they may be denied entry when they attempt to reenter the United States in the future.

For more information on the I-94 automation process, visit www.cbp.gov.

As explained below, Fermilab’s Visa Office strongly recommends that visa holders:

  • Access the online CBP database as soon as possible after admission to print/download the electronic record, and retain that copy safely. (It is not possible to access the system while in the CBP Inspection area).
  • Hand in a copy of the electronic record when departing the U.S. Visa holders departing across land borders should also request departure stamps from CBP border offices.
  • Verify their departure was recorded accurately by accessing the online system from outside the U.S. and checking their “Travel History”.

If there is an error in the electronic record, it must be corrected to prevent problems from arising during future admissions. These corrections generally are done in CBP offices. At O’Hare, the CBP office is in the lower level of Terminal 5. There is also a CBP Deferred Inspections Office in Downtown Chicago. The CBP in other locations might direct requests for corrections to stand-alone offices outside of the local airports.

CBP plans to track departures using airline flight manifests but in certain cases departures might not be recognized by its new system. Significant legal consequences can arise if a visa holder appears to have remained in the U.S. past the expiration of their authorized stay. The three steps listed above should enable visa holders to ensure and verify that departures are recorded.

If any employee, user or contractor at Fermilab has questions about the I-94 Document, please email visaoffice@fnal.gov.