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VISA Information for Interns

Students who are citizens or permanent residents of countries other than the U.S.A. usually must apply for and obtain a U.S. visa to be able to enter the U.S. and participate in their internship.  Fermilab’s Visa Office will help you with this process.  Fermilab’s Visa Office uses an online visa portal to communicate with foreign visitors and facilitate the visa process. The visa portal is at

Students who need U.S. visas to participate in a Fermilab internship should receive two emails from the Visa Office, at  The first email is entitled “Welcome {your name}” and explains the visa process and includes your login name for the online visa portal.  The second email is entitled “Information You Requested” and includes the password for the online visa portal.  These emails sometimes go to “spam” folders, so please check your email carefully following your acceptance of an offer or invitation from Fermilab.

To access the online visa portal, you must use Internet Explorer.  Other browsers will not work with the online system.  We recommend you cut and paste your login name and password, to ensure accuracy.  If you attempt three time to log in and make mistakes, the online system will lock you out and the Visa Office will need to reset your access.

Once online, you must answer certain questions and upload certain documents to the system.  You also can check the status of your paperwork.  We also will be working with your Fermilab supervisor and the administrative contact for your program.  Once we have all the answers we need and copies of the necessary documentation, we can issue your paperwork.  We will send to you, electronically, through the online visa portal, a “Form DS-7002” is a training plan that must be read and signed by you and returned to us (using the online visa portal).  Once we receive that from you, we may issue the Form DS_2019, which is the final approval from our office for the J paperwork.  We will send this to you electronically, with instructions for your next steps to pay the “SEVIS fee” and to schedule your visa interview.

Further general visa information is online at
Specific information for J-1 visas and for individuals who will be coming as J visitors is at
Information about visa applications at U.S. Consulates is at

All such students must bring to Fermilab for their first day:
(1) passport,
(2) visa stamp, if you are temporarily in the U.S.,
(3) Forms DS-2019 and DS-7002 (all three original copies), and
(4) Form I-94 Arrival Departure Card