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Visa Office hours
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Students, Trainees and Interns

For Mentors Only:
Mentor Obligations (.pdf)
Training Program Questionnaire - Programs for 6 months or Less
Training Program Questionnaire - Programs that are for longer than 6 months
Training Program Questionnaire - Extensions - Programs for which extensions are sought

For Students, Trainees & Interns:
Proof of English Language Abilities (Required of all J-1 Interns, regardless of home country or country of education)
Mentor Obligations (.pdf)
Department of State Exchange Visitor Brochure
Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) SEVIS Fee Portal
(Do not attempt to pay the SEVIS Fee until your DS-2019 has been issued!)

Required Medical Insurance
Visa Applications

Each year, Fermilab hosts young people from all around the world as participants in our many training and internship programs, many organized through Fermilab’s Education Office. Students who are citizens of countries other than the U.S., and who attend schools or are otherwise resident outside the U.S., usually must obtain J-1 visas to participate in our programs.

Generally, students who want to participate in an Internship Program must complete the application for the particular program(s) they prefer (links to most programs are found on the Education Office’s website). All communication should be in English. Do not use a foreign language or alphabet in the Application or elsewhere. 

The selected individuals receive offer letters from Fermilab outlining the terms of the internship opportunity, including wages, housing and other benefits.  You must promptly email your acceptance to the person listed in the letter. Please also cc the Visa Office on your acceptance, to ensure that we are aware of your situation.

The Visa Office then sends an email that includes the URL of our Online Immigration Portal, as well as a login name and password (which you will have to change the first time you login). The online immigration portal gives you access to our online questionnaires, a list of the documents we require and explanations of what each are, and links to immigration-related sites. You can upload your documents directly to this system. It also shows you the status of our work on your case, and gives you access to a secure, internal messaging system.

It is critical that Students provide their information and documents as soon as possible.  DO NOT WAIT.  Depending on circumstances, the Visa Office usually must receive: (a) a copy of the biographic page of your passport, (b) copy(ies) of any degrees already received, (c) confirmation of English-language abilities; (d) confirmation of an interview; (e) information about medical insurance; and (f) transcripts of courses from your current educational institution.  The Visa Office cannot begin to process your J-1 paperwork until we receive the necessary information and documents, as listed for you in our online immigration portal. 

Please see our Visa Processing and Security Clearances information for details about the length of time the visa application likely will take.

Please note that this website still is under construction.  More immigration information and other visa statuses will be available soon.

Questions? Comments? Contact the Visa Office!