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Taxes for Foreign Nationals

Many visitors to Fermilab are surprised to find that they might be subject to one of two possible tax responsibilities (filing documents with the tax authorities, and/or paying taxes), even though they visit Fermilab only briefly, or receive only limited funds.

The following resources are available to visitors and employees at Fermilab to assist you in understanding your U.S. tax responsibilities.  If you have questions, please contact the Visa Office.  While the Visa Office does not have substantial tax expertise on its own, we will assist in directing you to the appropriate source of information.

Foreign Bank Accounts

Overview of US Tax System

Internal Revenue Service website (the U.S. federal tax agency)

Illinois Department of Revenue (the Illinois state tax agency)

Form 1040 US Individual Income Tax Return

Instructions to Form 1040

Form 1040 NR US NonResident Alien Income Tax Return

Instructions to Form 1040 NR

Form 8233  Exemption From Withholding on Compensation of a Nonresident Alien Individual

Instructions to Form 8233

US Tax Guide for Aliens